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Jonathan Davis Recording Vocals for new Korn Album


Korn fans unite. Word has it that Jonathan Davis has checked in from the studio and has let fans know that he’s recording vocals for the new Korn album.

By all accounts, the band has been banging away at their follow-up to 2016’s The Serenity Of Suffering, with Brian ‘Head’ Welch. The band told telling Consequence Of Sound that they had some “amazing tricks” up their sleeves.

On Instagram, Davis posted the update and went on to thank fans for their support following the tragic death of his wife Deven in August of last year.

In a heartfelt message, Davis said: “I want to thank you all for your kind words over the last couple of months. What I’m going through has not been easy by any means. You all helped make the pain bearable.

“In return, I promise to give you my all on this amazing new Korn record. We all can heal together. #recordingvocals.”

There is no word on the title of the new album as of yet but word has it that the record is expected to be released later on in 2019, with details to come in due course. The last real Korn release of note was in December 2018 when the documentary Loud Krazy Love premiered on the Showtime cable network. The documentary focused on Korn guitarist Head, his ongoing battle with addiction and his relationship with his daughter Jennea.


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