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Jonathan Cain to Release His New Memoir


Journey’s long time keyboard player, Jonathan Cain, has a book out. He has just published his memoir and called it aptly, Don’t Stop Believin’.

Cain goes beyond music in his book, he touches on his spiritual beliefs, and also explains that following a childhood tragedy, he worked solidly to become a world renowned musician.

Jonathan Cain

Cain said in a recent interview: “This is a book that I wrote to inspire and to encourage anybody who had a dream, that I’m proof that it’s possible.”

Now 68 years old, Cain tells in the book the tragedy that when he was eight years old, the Catholic school he was attending burned down, killing 92 of his fellow classmates. This was the catalyst for his father to encourage him to fulfill his musical talent.

Jonathan writes of what his father said at that time, “He said, ‘God saved you. You’re special. You’ve been set apart…And I think there’s greatness for you to achieve [in music],'” adding: “And all of a sudden I started thinking about, ‘I have a desire to make that come true.'”

During the 70’s Cain was in a real funk musically, and a phone call from his father once again gave him the strength to persevere and importantly, gave him the title of his most famous co-write.

Cain explained: “He said, ‘John, don’t stop believing…You remember I prophesized over you after the fire?…Don’t stop believing,” and added: “I went, ‘O.K., dad.’ So I wrote this down in a manuscript book that I wrote my lyrics in.”

From then on Cain’s career went from strength to strength. He was hired by The Babys, and was then hired by Journey as the keyboard player. After joining the band Jonathan became a regular co-writer, lending a hand to some of their biggest hits that include of course, “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

 For more details about the book, check out JonathanCainMusic.com.

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