Johnny Rotten Joins ‘Wenger Out’ Brigade

arsenewenger1Punk legend John Lydon has voiced his opinion on the current ‘Wenger Out’ movement that has been sweeping the world of football. Arsene Wenger has been manager of Arsenal football club for over 20 years, but many fans think he should step down at the end of the season following a dismal run of results.

A roaring debate over whether Arsene Wenger should finally retire as Arsenal manager has been the main focus of the football world over the last few weeks; with both former players and expert pundits chipping in with their opinions. One of the more unlikely media figures has now decided to share their two cents in the form of Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon.

Lydon is a world famous musician and political activist; however, something that many fans may not be aware of – is that he is a lifelong Arsenal supporter.

In a recent interview with Gigwise, Lydon called for Arsene Wenger to resign as manager of his beloved club, stating: “He’s been there so long now that there seems to be no way of getting rid of him. He’s so deeply embedded and entrenched in the bureaucracy of the club that it seems impossible to pull him out of there.”

He added: “I’d rather drop a league than continue with him, It’s mediocre and it’s unfair to us fans. I’m Arsenal for life and as far as I’m concerned managers can come and go, just like them superstar players who demand too much money. Fuck ‘em all! Remember: it’s a game but it’s a game to be enjoyed and that’s been missing for a few years over there.”

Arsenal have not won the Premier League since 2004, yet many football experts believe that Wenger is still the right man to lead the club due to his excellent track record of guaranteeing European football. No doubt this argument will not be resolved until the end of the football season.

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