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Joe Satriani responds to Richie Blackmore’s Criticism


When Ritchie Blackmore quit Deep Purple for the umpteenth time, his replacement for the remainder of that particular tour was Joe Satriani.

Satriani instantly became part of the Deep Purple history, and therefore, when Blackmore was asked recently about his departure on the tour he had his own thoughts on his replacement at the time.

After throwing, shall we say, a little mild criticism towards his replacement, Satriani has since responded. Here’s the timeline of Blackmore’s comments.

Via Blackmore’s official YouTube channel, Blackmore offered up his opinion as to what he thought about his replacement at the time.

Blackmore said: “Joe Satriani is a brilliant player, but I never see him really searching for notes; I never hear him playing a wrong note,” Blackmore observed.” Adding: “Jimi Hendrix used to play lots of wrong notes because he was searching all the time … and when he did find that right note, wow, that was incredible. If you’re always playing the correct notes, there’s something wrong; you’re not searching, you’re not reaching for anything. But that’s not to say that he isn’t a very brilliant player.”

In typical Blackmore style he was direct, and any compliment he paid to Satriani was somewhat backhanded. So how did Satriani respond?

The guitarist took it in his stride when asked about Blackmores remarks: “It’s unfortunate when somebody that you look up to has something negative to say about you,” he admitted. “That part will always hurt. I wouldn’t hide my feelings about that.”

Watch this space as were sure Blackmore will have plenty more to say about his other replacements in the future.


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