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Joe Perry Collapses After Playing in NYC


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed following a performance with Billy Joel on Saturday night.

Perry had just just finished performing Walk This Way with Joel in New York City at the Madison Square Garden arena, and was headed back to his dressing room.

Insiders have said that On seeing Perry, he ‘did not look good’ and even one eyewitness described his complexion as ‘terrible’ before he lost consciousness. Paramedics then reportedly rushed to the scene and after working on him for 40 minutes and giving him oxygen, they then carried him out on a stretcher.

68-year-old for Perry also reportedly had a trach tube inserted, although the cause for his collapse remains unknown.

Whilst still on stage, Joel was apparently unaware that Perry had collapsed and been taken to the hospital, he eventually found out when his show was over.

This is not the first time Perry has passed out during a concert, in July 2016, while on stage with the Hollywood Vampires in Brooklyn, Perry collapsed mid-song.

There were even rumors that he had gone into cardiac arrest, but following the occurrence, it was said that it was a combination of ‘dehydration and exhaustion’ at fault.

Perry has also said in the past that he’s pushed himself too hard on stage, saying: “I’ve certainly had a couple other instances where I’ve pushed myself over the edge, but never in such a public way, you know?’ he told The Boston Globe in April of this year.

Adding: “Certainly we’re seeing more and more people pass from one thing or another, whether it’s age or abuse. And I don’t want to be on that list.

‘So I learned a lot. But also, frankly, I rediscovered the guitar. You know, a lot of things that I took for granted and left behind in this long and varied career, I kind of went back to again.”

Check out the footage of his performance with Joel bellow:

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