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James Hetfield Talks of His Love for the Flying V


Metallica’s James Hetfield loves his guitars and although he’s probably played hundreds of them, the metal god has has a real affiliation with one style in particular, the legendary Flying V.

As a kid it was the only guitar for him, and in a new epoisode of the video series “Guitar Talk”, Hetfield goes into detail about his passion, and obsession to own the guitar he loved so much.

Hetfield said:  “[Like] most kids who love certain bands, you just want to get the same guitar that guy’s playing,” adding: “I wanted a white Flying V forever. That was it. I mean, c’mon! The Scorpions! Judas Priest! It was a heavy metal guitar.”

Alas, like some things in life, the things you want, are not necessarily

what you need, or, can use. Hetfield explained that when he finally got the legendary guitar, he found that the shape of the Flying V wasn’t as comfortable as he hoped it would be. As we now know, he eventually went with the ESP Explorer, and this became Hetfield’s guitar of choice, and has remained his trademark guitar to this day.

You can catch Hetfield and Metallica on their U.S. tour in September, and right on through into March 2019.

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