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Jackie Chan Wins Honorary Oscar


jackiechan2Martial arts actor Jackie Chan has been awarded an honorary Oscar to celebrate his incredible 54 year career in the movies. Chan has been involved in over 200 films and is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern day movie stunts.

The kung fu star was one of the select group of actors honoured at Saturday night’s (November 12) Governors Awards ceremony.

Chan first began as a child actor in Hong Kong in the early 1960’s. His first role came in 1962’s ‘Big and Little Wong Tin Bar’. At aged 17 Chan worked as a stunt man on the iconic Bruce Lee movies ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Enter The Dragon’. It was through his fearless approach to stunt work that Chan first began to get noticed in Hollywood.

By the early 1980’s, Chan had started to make a name for himself in the action comedy genre, starring in films such as ‘The Big Brawl’ and ‘The Cannonball Run’. His real Hollywood breakthrough came when he released the now cult classics ‘Police Story’, ‘Rumble In The Bronx’ and ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In 1997 Chan starred in the first instalment of the hugely successful ‘Rush Hour’ franchise, and has since been regarded as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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The honorary award was presented to Chan by fellow actor Tom Hanks, who said of Chan: “How is this possible out of one man? His talents must truly be Chan-tastic.”

He continued: “Great acting comes in many different forms, but when you are an actor, you know it when you see it.”

Upon receiving the award Chan stated: “I break so many bones! I still cannot believe I am standing here. It’s a dream,” “Friends, fans around the world, because of you I have a reason to continue making movies, jumping out [of] windows, kicking and punching and breaking my bones.”

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