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Jack White Talks About his No Phones Policy at Gigs


In an interesting experiment this year, Jack White made it clear that his shows have been phone-free. White requires all fans to lock their phones up in pouches that are provided during the show.

Let’s face it, that experiment could have gone either way, but much to his surprise, he says the reaction to the phone ban has been largely positive.

He told  Rolling Stone. “I’m happy people are happy with it,” adding:  “I thought it’s an experiment to see what will people do in this scenario. I kinda wanted it to be like going to an escape room or going to a movie theater. And everyone has been just gangbusters happy about it, which is so shocking and surprising.”

White is not the only one think about this pretty radical move. Other bands have called him and have said that they were also thinking about implementing a phone-ban during their shows.

Interestingly, White said the most negative thing he’s heard is “people don’t know what time it is anymore.”

There’s a theme to the banning of things at his shows. He has a no-set-list policy, deciding what songs to play on stage at the gig and in the moment.

He explained: “I want the show to be alive,” adding: “And I want each show to be different so that the crowd is in control of what’s really happening onstage, whether they know it or not.”

You can check out Jack White’s U.S. tour August 5th when he headlines at Lollapalooza.

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