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Is There Going To Be An Alienstock Festival At Area 51?


There has been a stern warning from the residents of the closest town to the highly secretive site known as Area 51, The warning was issued to all those music fans that were hoping to attend a music festival to be held near the military base.

The town is called Rachel and is around 15 miles away from the top-secret US Air Force facility in Nevada. The town issued a statement via its official website that people looking to attend the event should “stay away”.

The music festival, which was promoted as Alienstock – a “party in the desert” was set to kick off in Rachel on September 20th and 22ndand is the brainchild of Matty Roberts, the same person behind the previously canceled Storm Area 51 Facebook event.

It’s hard to imagine, but two million people had signed up to raid Area 51 in July before the US Air Force intervened and shut down the Facebook page.

As for Rachel’s response to the planned Alienstock event, they wrote on their website, they wrote that locals: “do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly.”

The town also added that the three-day gig will “undoubtedly attract crooks trying to capitalize on the chaos”.


  1. Uhh… I’m sorry, but the Air Force definitely did not shut any of this down. This is still a very real thing. #letsseethemaliens


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