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Is Music Streaming Declining Due to Coronavirus?


Question? Because of the enforced isolation caused by the alarming spread of COVID-19, this means people are cooped up at home streaming their favorite music all day, right? Not so fast, in the case of some of the most popular songs, some of the highly affected countries are now streaming far fewer songs during this Coronavirus pandemic than before.

Case in point, Italy. This is easily one of the countries that have been hardest hit by COVID-19, during February 2019  the top 200 most streamed songs on Spotify within the country averaged 18.3 million total streams per day.

But ever since Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte announced a national quarantine on March 9th, the total streams for the 200 most popular songs dropped to under 14.4 million. There was a significant 23% drop in Italy’s top 200 streams on March 17th when compared to Italy’s streaming habits on March 3rd.


Italy is not alone in this trend though. The US’ total Spotify streams of top 200 songs saw a dramatic fall to 77 million as reported on March 17th, in fact, this was the lowest number of top 200 steams for any Tuesday in 2020, and when we say a drop in numbers, we’re talking about nearly 14 million fewer streams than the week prior.

The UK, France, and Spain have also shown a sharp decline in streaming numbers when it comes to the top 200 categories.

Dan Kopf, a senior data reporter at Quartz, noted that that the sudden change to widespread self-isolation could, surprisingly, be the culprit. He said: “The most popular days for streaming are Friday and Saturday, when people are most likely to go out,” adding: “It appears listeners are more likely to stream songs when life is more normal and they are looking to have some fun.”


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