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International X-Factor Fails – Ten of the Best Worst-of-the-Rest


1. Paul Browne (Australia)

Proof that taking your shirt off to impress the judges doesn’t work even if you are pretty ripped. Being told “That was terrible! You suck” by the judges, he blithely replied that his mouth had been a little dry but was told in turn that there was no song in the key in which he had been singing.

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2. Valeria Columbo (US)

Allegedly a karaoke DJ which says everything you need to know about someone who should not be allowed near a microphone.

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3. John Tanner Davis (US)

Attempting a rendition of Celine Dion’s ‘My heart Will Go On’ from the movie Titanic, he was summed up as being more of an iceberg for killing the song. The 18 year old student looked totally crushed by the feedback.

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4. Owen Campbell (AUS)

A contender for one of the worst attitude awards. His music was actually quite decent but he was extremely cocky and got the judges backs up with his constant interruptions and barbs. His attempted jokes backfired horribly and cost him a place in the next round, a realisation that only belatedly dawned as the camera followed him packing his things and leaving the studio.

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5. Antonio Sneddon (AUS)

Managed to completely mess up his version of “When you say nothing at all” in front of Ronan Keating. Even his mum in the wings had her head in her hands saying he’d lost it.

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6. Dylan Lawson (US)

Surely he was playing this for laughs? Butchered a Li’l Wayne track and left the stage bemoaning his lost sponge. In the words of Simon Cowell ‘that was horrible’.

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7. Nici Collins (US)

Stopped her own audition thinking the microphone wasn’t working (it was!) and was then ‘shocked and outraged’ at the four no’s she inevitably received for a dreadful attempt at her chosen track.

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8 & 9. Ballina Gee / Nahendran Subramaniam (AUS)

A two-for-one special here. Their homages to Whitney Houston ‘hurt the brain’ and ‘made you look like you were constipated’ in the eyes – and ears of the wincing judges.

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10. Mari from Bulgaria

But the winner is ….. Mari from Bulgaria – this doesn’t have to be in English to be appreciated for all its awfulness. Probably best to start playback halfway through….

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