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Iggy Pop Tells It Like It Was In New Book


This guy really has been there, seen it, done it, and in a new book about one of rock music’s most influential singers and his band, The Stooges, fans will get a firsthand account of the carnage that followed the iggy sqband from the guy at the center of it all, Iggy Pop.

The new book, Total Chaos: The Story of the Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop, charts the formation and history of one of the most influential proto-punk groups to storm out of the ’60s, and like some of the greats before and after them, gloriously crashed and burned over the next few years.

Collecting first hand accounts from Iggy, write Jeff Gold and contributor Johan Kugelberg spent two days with the punk icon at his Miami home. The pair were allowed to ask questions and began collecting tales, on everything from Pop’s music career, to his drug abuse, and a first hand account of the meteoric rise and fall of one of rock’s most fabled, and highly combustible, bands.

Third-Man-Books1Formed in Detroit in 1969, The Stooges hit the ground running with their self-titled debut album, which included the future classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog”.

Next up, a year later they released their freeform, noise-rock classic Fun House. But by the following year, they had broken up.

For most bands of the time that would have been it, but in 1973, one, David Bowie, convinced Iggy to give The Stooges one more shot. With a new lineup and Bowie’s vision, the album Raw Power became yet another milestone of pre-punk fury.

But even Bowie couldn’t hold the band together and just as it had before, the band fell apart; this left Pop to embark on an insane and wild solo career.

Over the subsequent years, the legend of The Stooges grew and so did the band’s influence, especially with punk bands coming out of the UK. It is said that The Stooges invented punk rock, after all.

Not dissimilar to many bands of the time, The Stooges albums barely sold, but over the years the numbers have picked up, and in 2007 the surviving members of The Stooges reformed to critical acclaim for the album The Weirdness—the band’s first album in 34 years. The band then followed up that album in 2013 with the album Ready to Die.

Iggy aims to make sense of The Stooges story, and with his straight from the horse’s mouth recollections, Total Chaos promises to get to the heart of it.

Third Man Books, the ex-White Stripes frontman and guitarist Jack White’s publishing company, is publishing the bio.

The book is due for release this winter, and with Pop currently on the road supporting his 17th solo album, Post Pop Depression, there has never been a better time to set the real Stooges story straight.

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