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Icelandic Rockers Sigur Ros Charged With Tax Evasion


Icelandic rock band Sigur Ros have reportedly been charged with tax evasion. This comes after a three-year probe by local authorities into the avant-garde rock band’s finances.

Sigur Ros is a big deal in Iceland and the indictment has sent shockwaves throughout the Icelandic music industry.

In essence, the District Prosecutor has accused the band of submitting incorrect tax returns from 2011 to 2014, evading a total of 151 million Icelandic Krona, which in US dollars comes to a hefty $1.2 million.

As with tax cases in general, whilst the case and trial are pending, assets belonging to the four members of the band will remain frozen by the authorities. This includes apartments and houses worth $6.5m. Another thing of note is that two-thirds of the assets being frozen belong to the bands front-man Jón þór Birgisson, he now resides in LA.

As of yet, the finite details of the case have not yet been made public, but from the band members perspective, they have put the fault firmly at their former accountant, and are saying that they have cooperated fully with tax authorities after learning about his mishandling.

The band released a statement on Thursday (March 28th), saying that they vowed to clear its name and said it “regrets seeing the case end up in court.”

According to reports, Sigur Ros’ court date has yet to be set.


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