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How To Be A More Environmentally Conscious Vinyl Collector


Our friends over at Norman Records have nothing but great advice when it comes to the history, caring, and the environmental effects of buying vinyl. In this post we’ll be looking at the impact of vinyl on the planet, it really is one of the music industry’s (many) dirty little secrets.

Last year alone over 4 million new vinyl records were purchased, and while for many of us the resurgent infatuation with vinyl is obviously a good thing its effects reach far beyond the shops, clubs and personal collections. Considering the average LP weighs about 135g, 4 million vinyl records represents over 550 tons of our favorite black plastic – with all its associated energy and environmental costs – at a time when we should all be thinking about reducing our carbon (and plastic) footprints.

For those who want to do more to reduce their consumption, and become a little more eco-conscious without stopping buying records altogether, we have below a list of 8 practical ways of becoming a more eco-friendly record collector.

  1. Take care of your records
  2. Fix them where possible
  3. Give them to Charity/Local Record Store/ Swap shop
  4. Gift them
  5. Dispose using a specialist vinyl recycler
  6. Get creative and repurpose… or give to those who do!
  7. Be Proactive – Tell your favorite artists and labels to consider eco-friendly production methods
  8. Go ‘Plastic Neutral’

If you’d like to read in more depth about the history of vinyl, its production methods and environmental impact versus streaming, you can do so by clicking the following link: https://www.normanrecords.com/features/environmentally-friendly-vinyl-collecting


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