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Hotel Owned by U2 Files Lawsuit Against Escort Service


The U2 owned Clarence Hotel in Dublin has a serious problem, John’s have been frequenting the upscale hotel, and we can only assume that they are not there “In The Name of Love.” (sorry, we had to do that).

The Times in the UK reported that the Dublin based Clarence Hotel is suing Target Escorts for stating on their website that the hotel is a great place to meet high-end escorts. Here’s the problem, the Clarence is owned by Bono, The Edge and Belfast businessman Paddy McKillen.   

On the Target Escorts website, the Dublin section now reads “page not found.” This wasn’t the case earlier in the week, The Times reported that the site read: “The members of Ireland’s most legendary rock band U2 not only reside in posh hotels — they also own the best house in town. At the Clarence hotel, with your elegant VIP escort lady in Dublin you will be in good company.”

For clarification the Clarence Hotel has issued the following statement:

“The operators of the Clarence hotel are taking robust legal action against the owners of this disreputable website. The Clarence hotel has a complete and total zero-tolerance policy for this or any other type of antisocial behavior. All appropriate security and other measures are in place at the hotel and under constant review.”


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