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Horror Mogul Tom Holland To Direct New Tale Of Gore


Famed director/screenwriter Tom Holland has been making waves as a creative in the horror scene since the mid-1960s. With his cult works such as Child’s Play (1988) and Fright Night (1985), the 73-year-old film

Tom Holland
Tom Holland

mogul is throwing himself back into the director’s chair with a new horrific tale titled Rock Paper Dead.

Set for release in October of 2017, the story follows serial killer Peter Harris back to his childhood home after his release from a mental institution. Nicknamed The Doll Maker, Harris believed himself to be well after nearly 20 years of treatment until a young woman called Ashley brings back his urge to kill. Haunted by the guilt of his crimes, and visited by vivid memories of trauma from his younger years, we see The Doll Maker slowly fall into his eerie role as the murderous madman that he is.

Alongside director Tom Holland, writer Victor Miller (Friday The 13th) has co-written the screenplay, and with award-winning SFX artist Vincent Guastini creating a series of creepy dolls that will be available for purchase at the same time the film hits the big screen.


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