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Hey Big Spender: Our Top 5 Pedals Over $100


This list is a bit of a mix bag, if you’re looking for something more specific, we’ll be writing pieces just for multi effects pedals and for different types of pedals in the New Year.

Boss RC 3 Loop Pedal

The Boss RC 3 is a must have for anyone looking to add a high quality loop pedal to their set up. They’re one of the cheapest pedals on the list although that doesn’t mean cut price by any means. As always you may want to check that whoever you’re buying this for doesn’t already have a loop pedal. Buy it here


Boss GT100

The GT100 is a fantastic multieffects pedal, this is a great option if the person you’re buying for doesn’t already have a pedal board and are looking for something to start them off. There’s loads of great options here and it’s highly recommended across the industry. Buy it here


Fulltone USA OCD

This is cheapest pedal on here and is nothing short of fantastic. This Overdrive is hugely sensitive and really adds a lot to any guitarists sound. Well worth the price tag and something that will fit in with almost anyone’s board. Buy it here


Fractal AX8

OK, so this things expensive, north of $1k isn’t something to sniff at, and we don’t expect many of you will be buying these, we can hope though right? The Fractals are fantastic pieces of kit although, if the person you buy this for doesn’t already have an expensive set up, they’d probably prefer something else. That said with the AX8’s modelling you can do amazing things.


Chase Bliss Tonal Recall

It’s hard to go wrong with anything from Chase, so why the Tonal Recall, well quite simply one of our writers bought one and won’t shut up about it. So we know it’s pretty good. Sure it’s pricey, everything from Chase is. But nobody would be disappointed with the sound this pedal puts out. Definitely one for the analogue purists looking for the sound of years gone by. Buy it here



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