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“Help Is Coming” was written by Crowded House singer/ songwriter Neil Finn in aid of Save The Children and the Refugee Crisis.

The limited edition 7 inch single is now available in stores and as a download. The accompanying video was directed by Mat Whitecross and features a spoken word piece at the beginning by actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

In a statement from Finn, he said, ‘I am continually amazed and grateful for the mysterious pathways that songs can travel. You never know where they are going to turn up and when they will reveal their true nature. First recorded in 1995, quietly released in 1999, ‘Help Is Coming’ has had a long journey to find a good home. It was always a song about refugees even if at the time I was thinking about the immigrants setting off on ships from Europe to America, looking for a better life for their families in America. The words of the poem inscripted available on the Statue of Liberty are an extraordinary statement of intent for the development of a great nation ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Neil Finn“’There is such a huge scale and urgency to the current refugee crises that barely a day goes by without some crushing image or news account to confront us. We can’t be silent anymore. Like the diverse immigrants that made America great, these are good people that just want to find somewhere safe to create a better life for their families. I am grateful to Pete and Caitlin for imagining my song might resonate and to Mat Whitecross for creating such a powerful film to accompany it. It’s an honour to be a part of a growing chorus of voices to create action and make it real. Help is coming.”

On another note, if when the song is downloaded from iTunes; Apple’s Proceeds From “Help Is Coming” will benefit Save the Children.

Photo: Glenn Hunt. AFP

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