Are HBO Making A Game Of Thrones Prequel Series?

gameofthrones2One of HBO’s top executives has suggested that their hugely popular show Game of Thrones may be getting a prequel series. Talks of a spin-off have been ongoing for the last few years, but it now looks like a new show may be in the works sooner than previously thought.

Game of Thrones is undeniably the biggest drama series of the decade. Based on George RR Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ novels, the series has become a global phenomenon and set a new precedent with its astounding ratings.

With just two seasons left, fans of the show are already trying to figure out just what they will do with their lives when the series comes to an end; however, it has long been speculated that HBO will attempt to keep the show going in the form of a spin-off.

There have been a number of ideas for potential spin-offs including a televised adaptation of George RR Martin’s ‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’ series (which takes place in the same universe as GoT). The most prominent theory however, is that HBO will create a prequel series focussing on the events known as ‘Robert’s Rebellion’; which take place roughly 17 years before Game of Thrones.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys stated: “A prequel feels like it has less pressure on it [than a spin-off]. [George R.R. Martin’s history of Westeros] gives you areas in which to say to a writer, ‘If you were going to do this, then go flesh it out,’ and we’ll see what comes back. But I don’t feel any pressure that we have to have something.”

He continued: “It’s such a big property we would be foolish not to explore it, but it’s a pretty high bar. We’ll take some shots at it. I’m not going to do it just to do it. It has to feel very special. I would rather have no sequel and leave it as-is then have something we rushed out.”

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