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Hayley Williams and Female Representation in Rock Music


paramore1Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has become one of the biggest names in popular music since exploding onto the alternative rock scene in 2005. In a recent interview with Rock Sound, Williams gave a reflective insight into her own career and influence on women in rock.

Back in 2005 pop punk was in many respects, a complete boys club. Looking at the 2005 Warped Tour line-up not one of the 22 main acts featured a female led band. This really could be said about rock music through the ages, yet every once in a while a female led rock group will hit the big time. The 80’s had ‘Heart’ and ‘Blondie’, the 90’s had ‘No Doubt’ and ‘Garbage’ and the 00’s had ‘The Distillers’ and ‘Paramore’.

Although many of today’s rock bands may not sight Paramore as a major influence, there will no doubt we a generation of girls who viewed Hayley Williams as a role model.

Here’s what the Paramore singer had to say about her role in modern rock music and the current influx of female led bands:

hayleywilliams1“It’s incredible to watch those people really thrive at the same time,”

“There are so many women doing well, making great art and getting recognition, which is fully deserved. I don’t like to think I’m responsible for anything other than the songs that Paramore has written, but if these people have drawn any inspiration or belief from what I’ve done then that’s awesome.”

“What is even more amazing is that there’s now going to be another generation of young women who are looking up to people like Lynn and Jenna. When I was starting out in a band I had to take parts of my inspiration from males, because there weren’t enough women to really go around. I had to look at male musicians that I admired or looked up to and go, ‘I think I can do this just as well as they can,’ but I had to find my own way of relating to them.”

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