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Halestorm Releases New Album and Discusses Empowerment


The brand new album by Halestorm arrives today. Called Vicious, the band has already released two tracks from the album “Uncomfortable” and “Do Not Disturb,” and you can tell the bands singer Lzzy Hale, is telling it like it is on this album.

She told ABC Radio: “Overall, thematically this record is about overcoming a lot of obstacles and empowering yourself to do so,” adding: “And it’s about how you rise above those things.”

She also feels that the band has raised their game with the new album, and thinks you’ll hear the bands evolution during Halestorm’s live show.

She explained: “It’s interesting playing these new songs against the rest of our catalog because I don’t think we realized how many steps we took forward from where we left off [on their last album Into the Wild Life].”

Halestorm also hit the road today in Independence, Missouri. As well as themselves, they also have two other fellow female-fronted bands on the trek with them, In This Moment and New Years Day. As well as being friends, the tour takes even more meaning with the rise of the #MeToo movement.

Hale explained: “This whole movement happened regarding women and the empowerment that everybody kind of feels and has a responsibility to uphold right now, so we kind of found ourselves in the middle of all this.”

Hale also saw the gender balance has changed with regards to their types of crowd, with a  shift from a male majority to a more even split.

Emphasizingthe point she said: “We didn’t realize how important the tour was, not just for us as girls spearheading and working in this industry, but it was so important for the women in the audience.”

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