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Hagar Slams Van Halen


It wasn’t the most acrimonious of splits when Sammy Hagar departed from Van Halen back in the 90s but now, the plot just thickened somewhat.

Sammy Hagar has now come out and said that the members of Van Halen are jealous of him because they no longer perform material from his time as lead singer of the band. The “I Can’t Drive 55” rockstar’s newest tirade against Eddie Van Halen and the boys comes from claims he made earlier this year that Eddie and Alex are trying to prevent him from performing songs he co-wrote and performed with the group.

Hagar told Rolling Stone, “I’d like this to be known, the Van Halen brothers will not allow me to do any of my own songs on TV. They can’t stop me from doing them live, because they’ve tried and they can’t. They want to pretend like Van Hagar never existed. The only Number One albums they’ve had in their life, and they want to pretend like they never happened. I don’t know why they hate me so bad, but I guess I’m too happy for them.

“Yes, it’s true. They wouldn’t let me do them. I can hire an attorney and fight them and I’m going too, but I didn’t have time to do that then. On the new Circle DVD we’re making from the live album, Led Zeppelin agreed to let us use their music. And Van Halen said, ‘No.’ And then I said, ‘F*** you.’ I don’t need to do this to survive, and thank God, because otherwise, they would starve me out like I think they’re trying to do.”

“It’s unbelievable that Led Zeppelin lets us cover their songs on TV and anywhere else,” he continued, “and the brothers won’t let me sing my f***ing songs. And why? ‘Cause they can’t do them anymore. Without me, they can’t play those songs, and they’re f***ing jealous. And that’s the thing that gives me comic relief out of the whole thing.”

Hagar is, without doubt, still incredibly upset after a failed attempt in 2004 for the ‘Van Hagar’ line up to reform with a huge 80-date tour and new material. But, instead of the triumphant return, everything fell apart for the band and now Hagar maintains it’s up to Alex and Eddie to step up and apologize.

Let’s hope that one day the boys can put aside their differences and, at the very least, shake hands.

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