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Guns N’ Roses To Sue Brewery


We’ve been keeping tabs on all of the bands that are selling music-branded alcohol, and there are a lot of them. One band who want nothing to do with it is Guns N’ Roses, and they are suing a brewery for use of the band’s name.

In the suit, it claims that the brewery: “should not be entitled to continue to sell infringing products and intentionally trade on the GNR’s goodwill, prestige, and fame without GNR’s approval, license, or consent.”

The exact amount Guns N’ Roses are seeking is unsure but the band’s lawyers are going after the brewery for trademark infringement.

In a story covered by The Blast, the band’s lawyers have filed a trademark lawsuit against a brewery that sells a beer called Guns ‘N’ Rosé. Pretty close to the band’s name don’t you think?

 It appears that Canarchy Craft Brewery Collective’s Oskar Blues Brewery had attempted to trademark the name but dropped it when the band objected. The suit also says that even though the band had asked the brewery to stop all sales, the brewery had planned to continue selling their Guns ‘N’ Rosé brew until March 2020.


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