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Guns N’ Roses have a Stockpile of 50 Unreleased Songs


What can only be described as great news for fans, it has emerged that Guns N’ Roses have a stockpile of over 50 unreleased songs that were intended for the long delayed “Chinese Democracy” album, which according to insiders, singer Axl Rose wanted to release as a trilogy.

Billboard marked that albums tenth anniversary last month when they took at a look at the record’s legacy and got an insiders point of view about the album, which incidentally sold just under 550,000 copies during the first 12 weeks in stores.

Tom Zutaut, who is a Geffen-Interscope A&R executive now says that the album would have sold far more had it not been released under the Guns N’ Roses name.

Zutaut explained: “If he had released it as an Axl Rose solo record, it probably would have sold millions. But when we sat in the studio and talked about Chinese Democracy, [Axl] just wasn’t ready to go there yet.”

He also revealed that the album was intended to be much more than one disc album. He said:  “Axl’s goal was to make a more modern record, to make GN’R a more modern band. But Guns N’ Roses fans wouldn’t accept that. Had it been a ‘W. Axl Rose’ record, who knows…but not a lot people know this: Chinese Democracy was going to be trilogy.”

Tommy Stinson, who was in the band at the time also confirmed that the album was not intended to have far more songs than was eventually released. Stinson said: “All I can say is…that record was not meant to be one disc.”


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