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Grimes Drops Four New Music Videos


grimes1Alt pop singer Grimes has released four new music videos in a single day. The videos all contain tracks taken from Grimes’ successful 2015 album ‘Art Angels’.

Grimes is one of the most influential pop singers of the last decade. Releasing her first studio album ‘Geidi Primes’ back in 2010, Grimes immediately began to turn heads in the music world with her avant garde, dreamy take on modern pop.

It was with her third studio album ‘Visions’ in 2012, that Grimes really began to make a name for herself. ‘Visions’ spawned the hit songs ‘Genesis’ and ‘Oblivion’. The singles contained the same dark synthetic atmospheres of her previous records but with infinitely catchier beats and melodies.

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Now 28, the Canadian released her most recent album ‘Art Angels’ last year. The record was not only Grimes’ most critically successful album, but also her most commercially successful, peaking at number one in the US Alternative Album chart.

Music videos have always been an integral part of Grimes career, and in recent years she has gained a reputation for having some of the most beautifully shot, artistically relevant videos around.

The latest batch of videos released yesterday (September 5) contain the songs ‘Belly of the Beat’, ‘World Princess Part II’, ‘Scream’ and ‘Butterfly’. The videos make up part of a seven piece set, with three others from pop artist HANA. The videos were shot by Grimes, HANA and Grimes’ brother Mac. Grimes explained on twitter, that the trio had initially set out to shoot a single music video, but ended up with six more than anticipated.

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Grimes stated: “This summer I brought my brother Mac and my best friend Hana on tour and we shot a bunch of music videos.” “These 7 videos were shot over a 2 week period throughout Europe during The AC!D REIGN tour. They are guerrilla style vids, a la realiti. so there was no crew, makeup, cameras, lights. Just us and a phone, so maybe don’t expect anything too fancy.”

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