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Greta Van Fleet Release new Album and Track


Greta Van Fleet have a new album out today called Anthem of the Peaceful Army, and to mark the occasion the band have released a new song to social media called “You’re the One.”

The track has a serious tip of the hat towards the ‘60s folk sound, and guitar player Jake Kiszka said as much when he spoke with Loudwire recently.

Kiszka said: “I think certainly around the period of time this song was written there was quite a bit of folks that we were listening to,” adding: “It was [Bob] Dylan and the Band, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez and things like that. So, it was certainly folk elements surrounding ‘You’re the One.’”

Taking about the album he said: “I suppose all the songs, in essence, on the album are very ‘songy’ songs,” Explaining: “So, if you strip them down you could play them acoustically and you can still hear the soul of the song and at a pure level. That’s another objective that we tried to achieve when we were recording the album.”

He also talked about the bands approach to the arrangement of the tracks, and because of the way they write made it easy for them to play different versions of their songs live. “During soundchecks, and as we’ve been traveling, [we’ve been] applying them in different arrangements and stretching them out and basically jamming around on them live and coming up with how we want to adapt them live,” he explained.

Kiszka explained that with their shows: “you don’t know what to expect.” “Especially if you know there are so many people who come to the shows night after night and there’s still variation and there’s still something going on that’s changing,” adding: “If we can entertain ourselves that way, it certainly entertains the audience as well. Stagnation is sort of dangerous.”

Check out “You’re the One” below:

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