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Green Day Sell Guitars and Amps to the Public


Following the trend of other bands that sell off used gear, Green Day are the latest artist to hook up with Reverb.com to sell of unwanted equipment.Prior to Green Day, the site has been used to sell gear from Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward and Foo Fighters’ guitarist Chris Shiflett and D-Day for the Green Day online store will open on February 7th.

The bands are selling over a 100 of their items and their sales pitch on the site reads as follows: “When the shop launches you’ll be able to buy a guitar used on Dookie, speaker cabinets still marked from the mud-fight at Woodstock ‘94, drum kits that have toured the world – and some remnants that have been set ablaze – vintage bass amps, and recording gear.”

In order to get your hands on some of the items up for grabs, you have to register on the Reverb site. You can’t help but be excited if you’re a fan or even a collector, Green Day drummer Tré Cool says of the sale: “I’m a crazy cat person hoarder. I can hardly see out the front of my car, it’s full of newspapers. It’s a real problem. So you hoard the right shit long enough, they call you a collector.

“I’m selling off just a wee bit of the collection – just a selected few items. I’m not doing them any justice sitting around when somebody could be using this stuff and enjoying it.”

He added: “I haven’t really sold anything ever – my psychiatrist said I have to do this!’

As for Billie Joe Armstrong, he said: “After 30 years of collecting odds and ends and really good stuff, what ended up happening is I got too many, so I was like, ‘We gotta sell some of this off!’

“Some of it I’ve used, and some of it just sat there in pristine condition.”

Check out the video explaining the sale below:


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