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Gibson Recognize Tony Iommie


Legendary guitarist/ songwriter, Tony Iommi was recognized on Monday by guitar maker Gibson for his contributions to music.

Q Magazine revealed that the Black Sabbath axe-man will be honored with the annual Gibson Les Paul Award.

Known for his dark look and sound, Iommi, who has played Gibson SGs and Les Pauls throughout his career, is being recognized for his outstanding contribution to music, rock and pop culture, significantly, as part of the 100th-anniversary celebrations of the birth of Les Paul.

“I’m very honoured to receive the Les Paul Award, so many thanks to Q magazine and Gibson – I have a long history with the guitar-maker,” said, Iommi.

Hailing from Birmingham in the UK, Iommi became an inspiration to both guitarists and musicians alike when, after a terrible accident, he severed the tips of two fingers on his fret hand. Iommi, staring disaster in the face, developed a technique that eventually created his sound and superb playing by using thimbles to replace the missing tips of his fingers and by tuning down his Gibson guitar to make playing a little easier.

This tuning down of his guitar created the ominous low tones that became the trademark of Sabbath’s sound.

Q’s Senior Editor Matt Mason said of Iommi, “Tony is one of those rare guitar players in that he truly defines a genre and a sound. His influence is huge but, equally, there is a real finesse in his playing that often gets overlooked. It harks back to his early love of Django Reinhardt – the legendary gypsy-jazz guitarist – who was a formative influence on Tony. As with all great musicians, Tony hears the world in a totally unique way, and that is what the Gibson Les Paul celebrates.”

The band is about to hit the road again for the last time, and the tour has been dubbed as the final tour from the greatest metal band of all time. So, for all you metal-heads out there, new and old, go out and get a taste of where it all came from— the mighty, Black Sabbath.

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