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Ghost Fan-Club Launch ‘GoFundMe’ Page for Dead Fan


Fans of rockers Ghost, have raised over $6700 for the family of Jeffrey Fortune, who passed away while attending a show by the band.

During the intermission of the bands gig in Milwaukee, Fortune, who was 52, collapsed, and despite medical treatment, he was later pronounced dead at the hospital he was transported to. The cause of death was later announced as a probable cardiac arrest.

Since Fortune’s death, the fan club for Ghost, called Ghost American Ministries, have launched a GoFundMepage to raise funds for Fortune’s family. The initial target was a $1000. Thios has been smashed and is now heading towards $7000.00.

The GoFundMe page said the following: “We at Ghost American Ministries wanted to come together to help out the family of Jeffery Allan Fortune during their unfortunate time of loss. On May 31st, during the Ghost concert, Jeff collapsed and later passed on. He was our brother in Ghost. He was a great guy and a huge music fan.

“He was an amazing person, artist, poet, musician as well as a tortured soul- yet he was kind with a bright shining soul. He saw beauty in the darkest of places and often visited/dwelt in those places at times. He alternately referred to himself as “Hell on two legs, walking” and also “a child of God”. Please let everyone know how touched and grateful our family is to each and every one of you for helping us through this time.”

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