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Gene Simmons Launches New Soda Company


Gene Simmons never stops looking for a business opportunity, so it comes as no surprise that he has announced the launch of his new line of premium soft drinks, called aptly, Money Bag Sodas.

The drink wasinitially available exclusively in 7-Eleven stores in Southern California, but now the non-alcoholic beverage will now be stocked at retail outlets like Wegmans, Tops Friendly Markets and Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop in the northeastern U.S. and the Los Angeles area.

As of now its flavors are pretty standard, cola, diet cola, root beer and ginger ale, but word has it that new flavors also are being developed.

Simmons said of his drinks company that Money Bag is: “the Champagne of soda,” adding: “We use cane sugar, so it’s not sort of that chemical [processed] version of sugar…[There are] no preservatives, no food coloring. So when you smell the ginger ale, it’s real ginger. When you taste our vanilla colas, it’s real vanilla.”

The whole idea of Money Bag Sodas came after Simmons met two of the company’s co-owners, brothers Paul and John Janik,who are huge KISS fans and already own the Rock Steady Sodas company in Niagara Falls, New York.

Paul Janik said: “We never dreamed it would be possible to work with someone we have idolized for decades,” adding: “We are honored to have had the opportunity to develop such a rock star-worthy product for soda lovers to enjoy and fans to collect.”

The backslapping continued when Gene said: “Paul and John have an impeccable work ethic, as well as a prowess in the premium soft drink marketplace. The incredible flavor profiles they created and collectible packaging will be a crowd pleaser.”

Money Bag Sodas plans to be available throughout the U.S. and they also plan to launch a line of premium fountain sodas.


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