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Gene Simmons Wipes Out At A Kiss Concert


Kiss is king when it comes to over-the-top performances and rock ‘n roll clichés.

Even The Simpsons showed an aging Homer lamenting that he used to ‘rock and roll all night and party ev-er-y day’, then it became every other day… only for him to realize that age had caught up with him and gene sqthat he barely had any time at all to party anymore.

Maybe Homer had a point? At the age of 66, Gene Simmons is still rocking, but as of last weekend maybe the rock god himself can relate to Homer Simpson’s sentiment. Why? Well as you’ll see below, he fell flat on his backside on stage last Saturday while performing that very song.

During the final track of the night’s set at KISS’ show in Bozeman, Montana, Simmons appears to just lose his balance. Let’s face it, it’s a challenge to even stand in those crazy high heels but to move all over the stage is another skill altogether.

In the clip, you see Simmons moving backward from the front of the stage, and then, boom, down went the man they call The Demon.

Quickly helped up by security, Simmons did not appear any worse for wear and looks to have not suffered any serious injuries, other than a bruised ego.

It’s been a testy time for Simmons; he’s gone to bat against rap music; and back in April when Prince died, from an overdose of opioids, Simmons referred to the cause of death as “pathetic”, although he subsequently apologized. Let’s see if Simmons’ tangle with gravity has brought him a little taste of humility.

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