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We are big fans of the band Garbage here at Rock My World. It was music to our ears when we heard the band say: we’re going back on the road.

The “Only Happy When It Rains” hit-makers played the first show of their 20 Years Queer tour last Tuesday at Humphrey’s Concerts By the Sea in San Diego, CA and by all accounts, they rocked the house.Garbage sq

But, we know that the road isn’t only great gigs and great audiences. Sure, the audience will always be there for you. After all, they paid to get in to see you and really want you bring it home, but the realities are that some nights don’t go as planned.

That’s where pros like Shirley Manson step in.

The third night into Garbage’s 20 Years Queer tour technical issues plagued the show and as Manson put it, “Everything quite literally has gone to the f—ing shitter.” This was her response after four songs into the band’s set—whatever could have gone wrong, did. Manson did her best to distract the audience as the band’s road-crew and stage-managers wrestled with what seemed like an endless line of technical issues.

Technical issues aside, this tour celebrates the anniversary of the band’s self-titled debut album with all music coming from the original album. All but two of the songs played in the set were from the first album including the deluxe set.

For a Garbage trip down memory lane, “Subhuman” starts the set, which is then followed by what would essentially be side one of the album before cranking out four tracks from the deluxe version. After taking a short break, Garbage returns to the stage to perform side two.

For encores, the band plays “Kick My Ass” from the Vic Chessnut tribute album, Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation and the B-side “Driving Lesson” before finally ending the night with one track each from the second and third albums.

It’s so good to see the band back right where it belongs—on stage, front and center. Let’s hope that for the remainder of the dates Garbage can stop worrying about the tech side of the tour and can just concentrate doing what it does best—rockin’ the house!

The Garbage setlist:

Main Set:

Subhuman (single, 1995)

Supervixen (from Garbage, 1995)

Queer (from Garbage, 1995)

Only Happy When It Rains (from Garbage, 1995)

As Heaven Is Wide (from Garbage, 1995)

Not My Idea (from Garbage, 1995)

A Stroke of Luck (from Garbage, 1995)

Girl Don’t Come (from Garbage Deluxe Edition, 2015)

The Butterfly Collector (from Garbage Deluxe Edition, 2015)

Trip My Wire (from Garbage Deluxe Edition, 2015)

Sleep (from Garbage Deluxe Edition, 2015)

Vow (from Garbage, 1995)

Stupid Girl (from Garbage, 1995)

Dog New Tricks (from Garbage, 1995)

My Lover’s Box (from Garbage, 1995)

Fix Me Now (from Garbage, 1995)

Milk (from Garbage, 1995)


Kick My Ass (from Vic Chessnut tribute album Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation, 1996)

Driving Lesson (B-side of single Stupid Girl, 1996)

Push It (from Version 2.0, 1998)

Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) (from Beautiful Garbage, 2001)

#1 Crush (B-side of single Subhuman, 1995)

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