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Fright Night: All you need to know in 60 seconds….


The talking point of night was that Emily just became a serious contender to, what was previously presumed, to be Matt Terry’s crown.  She killed it.  On Fright Night (do you see what I did there? Do you???)

On the other hand, Emma’s consort, Ryan, sucked the life out of the show.  I’d like to be a little more courteous, but he was awful. To start with, he was singing a Backstreet Boys song (and no, that is not a typing error – somehow Backstreet Boys “qualify” for Fright Night if you throw in a few skulls and a pair of colored contact lenses). But mainly, he was just rubbish – and given that he’s been languishing at the bottom of the pile pretty much since the moment the he was born, I can’t imagine that he’ll fare any better tonight.  “Everybody” was surely his swansong.

Saara Aalto’s performance also got everybody all sorts giddy. Channeling her inner bonkers she personified the infinitely and fantastically more bonkers Lady Gaga. She really gave it some welly and that combined with the theatrical set-up of her act surely sees her safely into next week.  If it doesn’t, then life’s not fair.  Okay, life isn’t fair – but that’s sorta beside the point.

Rylan scaring the “schhhh” out of Nicole is possibly the best thing I’ve seen this series.

In general though, the judges were collectively far too nice for my liking.  And they didn’t make any meme-friendly cock-ups.  At one point, Sharon actually said the words: ‘I’m making myself sick because I’m being so nice tonight’.  To be honest I feel that somebody swapped the vodka in the mini-bar for tap water, and I want that rectified. Shambolic judges are much more fun than happy ones.  Bring back the chaos please.

It wouldn’t be an X Factor story without a Honey G update.  On Twitter @theguyliner summed up the nation’s sentiment with presenting a modified personals advert

Much more importantly though, the influential powerhouse that is Sinnita (aka Simon’s occasional sidekick) was very vociferous in her criticism.  Earlier in the season she likened Honey G to Ali G (which was very disrespectful to Borat etc.), and now she’s convinced that our Britishness is what’s keeping the self-declared UK’s best rapper in contention

All that from somebody who once went out in public looking like this:


Finally, it beguiles me to tell you that Honey G has evolved from a recruitment consultant pimping out telesales jobs to an actual Halloween costume.

If Mary Berry is our national treasure, Honey G is whatever atrocity is the absolute opposite of that….and yet I can’t get the classic KitKat ad out of my head.  “You can’t sing. You can’t play. You look awful. You’ll go a long way”


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