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Forbes Reveals List of the World’s Highest-Paid Musicians


The end of 2015 is upon us, so it’s usually about this time that Forbes magazine reveals its list of the World’s Highest-Paid Musicians of this year. The list is here, and we think you’ll agree that some of the rankings are a little surprising.FORB SQ

Following on from a story we posted a few months ago, it can be of no surprise that singer Katy Perry has jumped a massive 23 places from her position last year to hit the top spot, earning a colossal $135 million, many thanks in part to her 17 month Prismatic World Tour.

Perry grossed more than $2 million per city over the course of her tour, and played 126 shows in Forbes’ scoring period. With the addition of the sponsorship deals she has with Claire’s, Coty and Covergirl, you have a bankroll that has no sign of slowing down.

One Direction is the UK’s top earner, ranking number two with $130 million. The band played 74 dates during Forbes’ scoring period and generated seven-figure grosses at every stop. Here’s a stat that may shock you, unbelievably, a One Direction payday is twice as big as the Rolling Stones.

Beyoncé falls from second place to 14th, leaving her one place behind her husband Jay Z, and Garth Brooks meanwhile, came back from his self imposed, semi-retirement to pull in over $1 million per show, often with back-to-back shows in the same arena in one night.

All in all, the money artists are making is quite staggering, and with Adele selling the amount of albums she is, plus her upcoming tour, we already know next year’s list will have a much different look to it.

Check out the full list below, right here at Rock My World.

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Ranking Musician 2015 Earnings


1 Katy Perry $135 m


2 One Direction $130 m


3 Garth Brooks $90 m


4 Taylor Swift $80 m


5 The Eagles $73.5 m


6 Calvin Harris $66m


7 Justin Timberlake $63.5m


8 Diddy $60m


9 Fleetwood Mac $59.5m


10 Lady Gaga $59m


11 The Rolling Stones $57.5m


12 Ed Sheeran $57m


13 Jay Z $56m


14 Beyoncé $54.5m


15 Elton John $53.5m


16 Toby Keith $53m


17 Paul McCartney $51.5m


18 Michael Buble $45.5m


19 Jason Aldean $43.5m


20 Luke Bryan $42.5m


21 Kenny Chesney $42m


22 Bruno Mars $40m


23 Drake $39.5m


24* Foo Fighters $38m


24* Tim McGraw $38m


25 David Guetta $37m


26 Florida Georgia Line $36.5m


27* Jimmy Buffett $36m


27* Tiesto $36m


28* Maroon 5 $33m


28* Dr. Dre $33m


*Denotes tied ranking


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