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Fleetwood Mac Tour Set To Gross $100 million


It was always going to be a pretty high grossing affair, but it’s now clear that Fleetwood Mac’s North American tour is on track to earn the group over $100 million by the time it all winds down in April.

Billboard has reported that the band is recording incoming concert sales of around $1.5 – $2 million per show. There was a time when the band may have worried about a lackluster showing due to the firing of guitarist/songwriter Lindsey Buckingham, and the fact that this would be the first tour without him since the late-’80s. This is obviously not the case, in fact, the band has had a huge resurgence of late.

In the end, Buckingham filing a wrongful termination lawsuit, which he settled with the band last fall, and he was replaced by not one, but two guitarists, Heartbreakers’ guitarist Mike Campbell, and Crowded House’s Neil Finn.

Following the North American leg, this new version of Fleetwood Mac head out to the U.K. and then over to Australia during the summer.

Check out the official  Fleetwood Mac website for tour details.


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