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Five Finger Death Punch Tease New Music


It’s starting to look like Five Finger Death Punch are not just announcing a U.S. tour with Three Days Grace, their singer Ivan Moody has teased fans about new music coming next year.

 During an interview that Moody had with hardDrive Radio, the frontman was asked if the band would be keeping it “old school” when it comes to their writing and recording. In response he compared the band’s trajectory to Metallica.

He said: “It’s like when Metallica cut their hair or they made the ‘One’ video,” adding: “We love metal. Those are our grassroots, you know? But at the end of the day, as artists, we really have to experiment. I’m a lover of music, so be it not me to just stamp the black-and-white thing and not take the chance to really do something creative. And I’m really happy at the fact that my guys are in the same headspace. We’re at that level now where there’s no need to not cut our hair and make a new video. Horrible analogy, isn’t it?”

As far as release dates, he revealed that the band has nothing set in stone, but their eighth album will more than likely be released next year.

He explained: “It’s absolutely open-ended,” and added. “I don’t want any fucking endgame on it, there’s no end line to it. I really want this to be ready when it’s ready. I’d love to have it out by the beginning of 2020. That’s my goal, personally.”

Check out  the full hardDrive Radio interview below:



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