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Fender To Launch New Flea Designed Bass


flea1Fender have just unveiled their upcoming new bass guitar designed by none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers legend Flea. The new guitar is a re-design of Flea’s own Shell Pink ’61 Jazz bass.

Flea has used a wide variety of bass guitars over his illustrious career including Music Man, his own Fleabass, Modulus and a number of Fender Jazz and Precision basses. His most recent go to guitar however has been the ’61 Jazz, which was given to him by a fan.

Flea used the bass to record top selling Chili’s album ‘Stadium Arcadium’ and their new record ‘The Getaway’, he also used it on Thom Yorke led supergroup project ‘Atoms For Peace’. The quirky California musician described the instrument as “truly the greatest bass I’ve ever played.”

The ’61 Jazz bass has a unique history and has been the chosen instrument for a number of top bassists over the years; such as The Who’s John Entwistle, Noel Redding of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rush’s Geddy Lee, Rick Danko of The Band and legendary bass virtuoso Marcus Miller.

With such an esteemed track record any bassist would be lucky to own one of these beauties, however buying an original ’61 Jazz can cost you anywhere up to $8,000 depending on the condition of the instrument.

Fender are planning to release the new Flea re-design for around $1199.99 (£922) which seems like an absolute bargain, particularly as the bass comes with a 4-bolt neck plate engraved with original artwork by Flea himself.

Here’s what Flea had to say about the bass:

“It reflects the soul of rock, punk, R&B and funk. It’s this bass that pushes me to give more each time I play. The Flea Jazz Bass is a true resurrection and possesses that wave of energy a bass should give you when it’s in your hands.”

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