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Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Launches A New Business


Following on from their recent video that featured an ice cream theme, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has launched a new venture, a good old fashioned ice cream truck.

This news comes after FOB released the news that they will be hitting the road with Green Day and Weezer for a killer triple bill, plus, all three bands are releasing new albums and new songs.

Pete Wentz recently appeared on Beats 1and revealed that he had bought an ice cream truck, and that he had painted it to match the single artwork for FOB’s new song “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)”.

He explained: “I bought an ice cream truck yesterday,” and said. “We’re going to drive that around and put out some Fall Out Boy ice cream. I have a guy like this, that procures the ice cream truck for me. And – Yes, that’s true. Because sometimes I feel like we’ll be talking – like me and Patrick will be talking. And it’s like, well fuck it – like we could even like do like an ice cream or something. You know? It doesn’t have to be an album. And then the next thing you know, you’re trying to buy the ice cream truck.”Pete then explained how he plans on working with someone within the food industry to ensure the truck is successful and of course, up to health codes. He then explained how the truck pertains to the bands new track.

“In relation to the new song, there’s nothing sadder than when you see an ice cream that has come off the cone, and is on the ground. Like, that’s the saddest,” he said. “I want to do a whole Instagram of those. They’re really sad. There’s no tour plan. But I’m going to take it around my neighborhood, at least.”

Wentz gave the truck a dry run when he parked the truck outside Whisky A Go Go on Tuesday Night to serve fans ice cream when FOB, Green Day and Weezer performed a pop up show in Los Angeles to announce the new tour.

Check out the video for “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” below:


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