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Fall Out Boy In Some Serious Llama Drama


Here’s a strange one for you.  Fall Out Boy are being been sued for their overuse of the band’s iconic, life-size llama puppets, yeah, you read that correctly.

Apparently, the company that originally created the puppets for the band filed the claim last Friday (March 15th) and is now looking for damages in the shape of millions of dollars.

This is when the fact is stranger than fiction for sure. The band first started showing the wearable llama puppets in their 2017 single “Young And Menace,” but since then they have used the props in other video’s as well as on tour.

The problem seems to be that after the “Young And Menace” video the llamas were used again as the sole stars of the bands video “The Last Of The Real Ones,” as well as appearing in “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T,” “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” and “Bishops Knife Trick.”Fall Out Boy also used the llamas on their merch on the band’s MANIA tour with Machine Gun Kelly.

Reuters broke the news that a complaint had been filed in Manhattan federal court by Furry Puppet Studio Inc, the company that created the llama puppet. The complaint states that Fall Out Boy did not have permission to use the puppets outside of the “Young And Menace” video.

Furry Puppet Studio’s lawyers say that FOB have illegally exploited the use of the life-sized puppets and because of that, they are now seeking damages that could reach millions of dollars.

Fall Out Boy have yet to comment with regards to the complaint, but rest assured, they will, and when they do, we’ll be all over it.


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