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Ever Wondered How Much A Christmas Song Makes?


Have you ever wondered what a Christmas hit makes financially?


The amounts may surprise you. Numbers provided by the online British Prezzybox.com Christmas Song Royalty Calculator show there are a few artists who rake in the cash in the form of hundreds of thousands of pounds from that one Christmas song.

Case in point, the royalty calculator has estimated that this year alone the song “Last Christmas” by Wham! has earned writer George Michael over 470 thousand pounds. That’s staggering if you take into account that it’s a seasonal song.

Indeed, the fact that Carly Rae Jepsen, the cast of Glee and Taylor Swift have all recorded covers of the song hasn’t hurt, but it’s still huge numbers with regards to a publishing return.

Mariah Carey’s, now perennial favorite “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has so far this year earned over £440,000 according to estimates by the website. Michael Buble, the cast of Glee, Cee Lo Green and Idina Menzel among others have all covered this song.

“Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, the all-star charity single released in 1984 which featured Sting, U2’s Bono and 80’s darlings Duran Duran is now a Christmas staple. It continues to get huge airplay during the holidays.  This year alone the website estimates it has made more than £774,000 in royalties.

Everyone’s Christmas favorite, “Merry Christmas Everybody” by Slade was released in 1973 and still generates huge income for the band over the holidays. The website estimates that in 2015, the song will make over £120,000. As in some of the more famous Christmas songs, the song has been covered numerous times including by The Spice Girls, R.E.M. and Train.

It seems the Christmas song market is a lucrative one. So writers, grab your acoustics, and shake those sleigh bells, because looking at the monetary returns for the songs we’ve mentioned above, you could be having a very happy new year indeed.

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