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Empire Of The Sun Draft Top Musicians For New Record


"IRVINE, CA - MAY 14: Recording artist Luke Steele of music group Empire of the Sun performs onstage at KROQ Weenie Roast 2016 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre on May 14, 2016 in Irvine, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.)"

Psychedelic electro rockers Empire Of The Sun have enlisted a number of top musicians to perform on their upcoming album. The album is set to feature Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsay Buckingham as well as members of both Prince and David Bowie’s sessions bands.

Back in the late 2000s a number of indie bands burst onto the scene and set about changing the garage punk sound that had dominated the alternative charts. With these bands came a new synthpop / electro funk sound and artists like MGMT, Phoenix and Hot Chip were championed in the music press.

One of the acts that defined this era were Empire Of The Sun, whose smooth funky tunes, psychedelic music videos and elaborate dress sense made an immediate impact on youth culture. The band were not only held in high regard by their young fans but also a number of established  and innovative musicians. It is rumoured that Squarepusher named his band ‘Shobaleader One’ after a misheard EOTS lyric.

The band’s debut album ‘Walking on a Dream’ was one of the surprise hits of 2008. Their song ‘We Are The People’ reached number 14 in the UK singles chart and enjoyed widespread success over the rest of Europe. Their next album ‘Ice on the Dune’ was not quite as popular but now the band are back and will be releasing their third album ‘Two Vines’ on October 28.

The record was recorded in Hawaii will feature Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Wendy Melvoin (Prince and the Revolution) and Tim Lefebvre and Henry Hey (David Bowie).

Here is what EOTS’s Nick Littlemore had to say about the record: “There was an image we talked about very early on with this record, before we wrote the title track, ‘Two Vines,’ and that was this image of a modern city overtaken by jungle, almost like mother nature taking back the planet.” “All the buildings will turn back to sand. All it will be is nature again. We wanted to make something that reflected the beauty of that, and the wisdom that plants can give us about living harmoniously on this beautiful planet.”

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