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Elvis Costello & The Imposters to Release New Album


It has been announced that Elvis Costello & The Imposters will release a new album.

Called Look Now, the album is set to drop on October 12th, and will be available via Concord Music.

This is Costello’s first released since Wise Up Ghost, in 2013, and it will be his first recording with The Imposters since the outfits 2008’s Momofuku.

At the production helm for the album were Costello himself, and Latin Grammy Producer of the Year Sebastian Krys. The album salso sees Costello reuniting with Burt Bacharach.

Talking about the new recording Costello said: “I knew if we could make an album with the scope of Imperial Bedroom and some of the beauty and emotion of Painted From Memory, we would really have something.

“I had all of the orchestrations and vocal parts in my head or on the page before we played a note, so it was essential that I worked closely with [keyboardist] Steve Nieve to maintain the light and space in the arrangements and allow him to shine.

“Sebastian was there to make sure only the essential notes got onto the record, whether it was a fuzz-tone guitar or jazz bassoon.

“In the final mixing, Sebastian did a beautiful job of keeping everything present but always lead by emotion or narrative, although when balancing the band, my voice and the quartet of woodwinds and horns that I’d written for Stripping Paper, I told him to ‘Just trust the blur.'”

Check out the new single “Unwanted Number” below:

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