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Elton John Gets Dropped By Capitol Records


It has been a given that when releasing a new album, Elton John would be guaranteed a top 20 chart position, but when he presented his new album, Wonderful Crazy Night to the powers that be at his longtime label, Capitol Records, the response was less than positive, in fact, they dumped him.elton sq

The “Rocket Man” hit-maker was really proud of the “upbeat” songs on his first album since 2013’s The Diving Board, which was produced by T Bone Burnett, and debuted at number three on the UK album chart. He felt the record executives would love it too– but they didn’t hear enough commercial potential, and dropped the star!

As Elton put it: “I was gutted, I have to say,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. “I knew it was a f**king good record.”

All is not lost, Elton eventually went on to sign with Island Records and the album is scheduled for release in February 2016. By all accounts, the record label is totally thrilled with the album and Elton adds: “I can ask for no more.”

Accepting that Wonderful Crazy Night may end up being among one of his bestselling albums, Elton said, “I follow the charts and know everything about this business. I’m not expecting to sell a million records.”

Elton’s lyricist and songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, insists the music legend will never hang up his music boots.

“You can be Billy Joel and stop making records, but if you have that drive and passion, you’re going to do it whether it sells or not. It’s there inside of you, and if you don’t get it out, you’re going to explode,” said Taupin.

Only time will tell but we’re sure that for all Elton fans the album will be another classic to add to the collection.

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