Ed Sheeran Being Sued For Plagiarism

Marvin Gaye is without a doubt one of those artists that has influenced singers and songwriters since he hit the airwaves in the late sixties.

Sometimes when composing, and perhaps unknowingly, writers are inclined to use certain chords or melody from a song that has already been recorded. To this end it was only a few years ago ES SQthat Marvin Gaye’s estate won a judgment over the plagiarism of his hit “Got To Give It Up” against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke for their song “Blurred Lines”.

Now it has transpired that the estate of the late Ed Townsend, who co-wrote Gaye’s hit “Let’s Get It On” has sued singer Ed Sheeran over his huge hit “Thinking Out Loud” claiming that parts were stolen from the song.

In the federal lawsuit, filed by Kathryn Townsend, Helen McDonald, and Cherrigale Townsend, it is contended that Ed Sheeran stole “the heart” (the progressions, melodic, and rhythmic elements) of Gaye’s smash hit.

Also, they have claimed that Sheeran’s track is “substantially and strikingly similar to Marvin Gaye’s”. The defendants are Sheeran, Gingerbread Records, Sony, and Atlantic Records.

The lawsuit aims to halt Sheeran and the other aforementioned defendants from continuing to infringe on the copyright, to stop the sale of the track, and to pay substantial damages.

This is the second copyright infringement lawsuit against Sheeran in just matter of months.

Check out the two songs in question below:

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