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Dropkick Murphys’ Ken Casey Throws Down With A Drunk Fan


We are now learning some of the finer details of the altercation between Dropkick Murphys bassist Ken Casey and an intoxicated fan who had been hitting and elbowing women in the crowd during a show at Boston’s House Of Blues on Friday, March 15th.

It was originally reported on the website TMZ  that Casey had stopped the band mid gig and told the gigs security to remove the unruly fan. You can see in the video attached Casey has blood on his face, and is yelling at someone in the audience before he dives into the crowd.

The bands singer Al Barr told the audience: “We’ve been doing this for a number of years, and having been here for 21 of those years, I can tell you this is not new,” adding: “When we invite you guys to come to one of our shows, it’s like were saying come to our house. And when someone disrespects us, you’re disrespecting us in our house.”

In another video obtained by Billboard, Casey is seen “standing over the front section trying to break up the fight and then getting hit in the head with a beer can thrown from the crowd. After a brief tussle, Casey helps security bring one suspected troublemaker over the barricade, before the stage crew pull Casey away and security escorts the young man out the venue while fans jeer and cheer.”

A band insider also told Billboard: “Ken could see the guy wasn’t going to stop and that security was having a hard time getting to him, so he decided to handle it himself. Ken is not afraid to stand up to anyone who is ruining the show for someone else and the band has been clear that they won’t tolerate abusive behavior.”

As for Casey, he told Billboard that he is feeling fine and is ready to get back to performing.

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