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Dokken Respond To Corey Taylor’s Testical Debacle


Corey Taylor told his followers on social Thursday, how he “blew out his left testicle” while singing and practicing “Dokken high notes.”

First of all, ouch, and while there was serious debate as to whether the Slipknot had actually done his undercarriage some harm, his fiance Alicia assured the internet that Taylor’s crown jewels were, in fact, unharmed by saying: Taylor’s fiance Alicia later responded with: “Can confirm: @CoreyTaylorRock’s balls are just fine.”

Taylor’s original post was as follows: “Working on my ‘87 Dokken high notes this morning. Fucked around and blew out the left testicle. Careful on re-entry, kids. #kissofdeath #pissinblood”

It now appears that Dokken has responded with a sympathetic note saying: “Be careful Corey!” accompanied by two laughing/crying emoji and a horns emoji.

Taylor retweeted and responded with: “Hahaha doin my best! WHY YA GOTTA HIT THOSE HIGHS?!?”

Love it…


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