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Disturbed Show Their Softer Side.


As tough as nails sounding that the band Disturbed is, there is a softer side to the band, well, kinda.

In the video below you can see the band’s singer David Draiman having a go at the crowd for moshing too hard.  The clip itself cuts out, but the video’s uploader states in its YouTube description that Draiman: “…stated it was the mosh pits obligation to protect the women who are not moshing.”

The fan who was in the middle of the mosh pit was invited onto the stage, and Draiman asked her name (Sammy) he then asked how old she was. Draiman was totally surprised when she revealed she just turned 30. (He obviously thought she was much younger.)

Draiman then spoke to the young lady: “On behalf of the gentlemen of Disturbed, I want to apologize for you getting jumped into our gang…Call me ‘old-fashioned,’ [but] there are some crazy idiots out there who would call me sexist for insisting on protecting a woman…Anyone who isn’t as strong as you deserves your protection, do you understand me?”

Then in a seriously wonderful move, Sammy was offered what Draiman termed as “the best seat in the house” for the band’s next song: Hell yeah, a seat on the drum riser!!!

Kudos to the boys from Disturbed for one classy move.


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