As part of our dive into new Nu Metal bands, we interviewed another one of the genres up and coming groups, last week. Hailing from California, Dirty Machine have been around the block opening for numerous well known acts in the genre including a fair few stints with Insane Clown Posse and have also headlined the Jaeger stage at the Kansas City Rockfest.

So, let’s get things started, how would you guys sum up your sound?

Dirty Machine: Our sound is a culmination of everything that we grew up which ranges from Metal, Rock, Punk, Grunge and Rap and Hip Hop. Each member has the freedom to put their own flavor on every single song that’s written.

The Nu Metal genre had peaked by the early 2000’s, what do you think about the recent boom in Nu Metal bands? Do you think there’s room for it to come back in full force? Or do you think it’s going to stay as a more underground, but still popular scene?

Dirty Machine: The cool thing about Nu metal is when it peaked, early on it allowed this massive space wide open within the functioning genre to exist waiting for us, the hopelessly devoted misunderstood youth, to do with it whatever we wanted. I think the genre will pickup where it left off but who knows where it will go from there. It’s up to the current artists to decide how we want to be known. There’s plenty of room for that.

We’re hoping to see it pick up too, so how did you guys get together as a group?

Dirty Machine: Dirty machine started back in 2012 with a handful of guys jamming out in a garage from either replying to an Ad or by recommendations from mutual friends. The most common denominator within the group was the desire to put exactly who they are on blast with absolute zero apology. Each new member that join the band was encouraged to bring their fullest potential and personality to keep the genuine Integrity of the band alive

Out of curiosity where did the name Dirty Machine come from?

Dirty Machine: The name of the band was manifested by the original bass player Michael “Miki” Hargraves.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened whilst on tour/at a show? (Any funny stories, anecdotes, or anything incredibly positive that you didn’t expect).

Dirty Machine: One of the most humble and unforgettable memories we experienced was when we were 3 days in on a tour supporting the iconic duo Insane Clown Posse for their 20th Anniversary The Great Milenko. We played to a sold out crowd that night and throughout our set, everyone went crazy! As soon as we finished our last song and about to walk off stage, the whole juggalo crowd started chanting to us “Family!” numerous times! Let me just say that if you are not familiar with Insane Clown Posse’s fans (Juggalos), they are the most loyal fans any artist can have and whenever you get the “family” chant, that means you have been accepted into their world!

What’s next for the band? Any upcoming tours/releases?

Dirty Machine:  Right now we’re working on our upcoming new single (track name t.b.d.) with producer Augustus “The Beast” Cryn who has worked with bands such as Butcher Butcher Babies, Anti-Flag and Panic At The Disco to name a few. Hoping for a release sometime late spring.

That sounds really positive we’ll look forward to checking it out, out of the new artists in the Nu Metal genre is there anyone you guys would recommend or really like to play with?

Dirty Machine: We’d love to share stages with Of Mice of Men, DeD, Bad Wolves or Cane Hill.

For someone who’s never heard Dirty Machine before, which of your tracks would sum up the band perfectly?

Dirty Machine:  Choice of tracks to check out, “Discord”, “Against the World”, “Self-Made Hero” and “Wonka”.

What’s the writing process like for you guys? Collaborative, one or two guys do most of the work? Start with lyrics or music etc.

Dirty Machine:  When it comes to writing new music everyone in the band brings in their ideas. It can start from one guitar riff, a drum beat or even hearing the flow of the lyrics. We always try to make every song a “single” and not settle for just fillers.

It’s always nice when the writing process works out like that, too often one or two guys can end up pulling more than their fair share of the weight. Who in the band has the most embarrassing guilty pleasure song and what is it? 

Dirty Machine: That will have to be David which is Kenny Loggins “Whenever I call you Friend” and Hedge which is Gloria Estefan “Conga”.

Haha, that is an unexpected one there. So guy’s it’s been great chatting to you. And to anyone who’s reading this, check out Dirty Machines, Against The World Below.



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