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Dimebag Darrell was asked to Join Megadeth


Here’s something you may not have known, Dave Mustaine apparently asked late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell to join him in the Megadeth camp, apparently it didn’t happen because Megadeth already had a drummer and Dimebag wanted his brother, the late Vinnie Paul to join the band also.

So how do we know this? Mustaine explained the near super group during an interview with the Tampa Bay Times when talking about his roll in this year’s, Experience Hendrix Tour.

He explained: “I actually called him up and asked him to play in Megadeth. Fate would have completely changed if I would have called him before I called Nick Menza.

I said, ‘Hey, Darrell, I’m looking for a guitar player.’ And he goes, ‘Can I bring my brother?’ And I went, ‘Who’s your brother?’ He goes, ‘Vinny Paul! Don’t you know Vinny Paul?’

“He wanted to bring his brother and have him play with us, and I go, ‘Oh, man, I just hired Nick Menza.’ Can you imagine what Vinny and Darrell would have been with me and Junior (bassist Dave Ellefson)? Would’ve been pretty cool.”

All we can do is wonder just how f**king powerful it would have been!!!


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