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Is This The Best Def Leppard Story Ever?


Here’s a story we stumbled across from one of our keen-eyed staff here at Rock My World.

‘80s rock superstars Def Leppard, as part of their upcoming tour, will be playing

Joe Elliot
Joe Elliot

Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas May 11th, 2016.

Here’s where the backstory kicks in. The mascot of the Arkansas School for the Deaf is, wait for it…. the Leopards.

Now, a certain gentleman called Cary Tyson started a petition on Change.org to convince the band to take a band photo in front of the scoreboard and therefore bring some well deserved attention to the school.

Hey, you can’t make this stuff up, folks. Check out the attached scoreboard picture below.

Another thing that might be in the school’s favour is that before the band was known as Def image1Leppard the name of the band was spelled Deaf Leopard, coincidence or fate?

The petition started with a single signature, and at this time has 1,284 supporters and is growing steadily.

We’re hoping the boys from Def Leppard have seen the petition already, but if not, we’re giving them a shout out saying:

“Come on guys, let’s put the Arkansas School for the Deaf on the map.”

Fingers crossed they respond.


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